A.C. Watson Memo

A.C. Watson handed flight 352 to Bob Hatch (see Flight 221 dispatch). This indicates that Watson felt that the weather was fine on May 3rd, and that Hatch would handle all appropriate weather (including Sigmut Charlie).

Chief Dispatcher Jake Sorlie signed on with Braniff in 1935, and retired in 1978 after 43 years of service.

(ORIGINAL Braniff Flight Operations File) and braniffpages.com

Jake Sorlie was a dispatcher with Braniff starting in 1935! He was stationn manager in Fort Worth in 1936. At the time of Dawson, he had 33 years of experience at Braniff.

From 1947 "B-Liner" These are ORIGINAL Braniff documents we photocopied from "The Flight Operations" file

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