Below, you will see the cover introduction to the Flight Data Recorder. This HAS NOT been altered by us. Note that "Houston" is in a "large gap" and is positioned a few mm above the other type.

ALSO, under "Examination II," it states the "tape was NOT forwarded on to Washington for evaluation." EXTREMELY odd in such a plane investigation. (Although Washington did get a copy, because this report CAME from Washington!)

The next image is a "enlarged" area around the flight origination, which is allegedly "Houston." Note how out of place this looks, and note the three dots that we speculate make up an "L" (We know from 07C's Log Book that the plane flew to Lackland AFB that morning. In 1968, it would have been called Lackland AB, which fits perfectly in this space).

ALSO, "Houston" is in the same typeface, but typed on a different typewriter. The "Os" and the "U's" DO NOT MATCH the other words in the report. They are "skinnier" and more defined.

Flight Data Recorder shows "Upset" at 26:30 into flight

Actual FDR Printout shows that 26 minutes 30 seconds into flight, there is a "GAP" in the "G-Force" line (top) and the Heading (HDG) becomes wildly erratic. It also indicates many "Gaps" at this point.

This would be exactly 4:37:30pm CST (since the aircraft left Houston at 4:11pm)

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