ORIGINAL Cockpit Voice Recorder Transcripts For SHIP N9707C

Disclaimer: Not to ruffle any current feathers. This does NOT reflect on the CURRENT National Transportation Safety Board. Only that of 1968-1969 which produced the 352 Report.

First handwriiten transription done in Corisicana by J.H. Alexander

"No, Don't (touch/punch) (that/them) too much, I'm carrying about six now.....if you (touch/punch)...."

Second Transcript. Officially typed by Braniff Staff.

Same wording as handwritten description.

CAM-1 (Cockpit Audio Monitor): "No, don't talk too him too much"
CAM-2 (NO CAM-2 on original transcripts): Huh?
CAM-1: Don't carry carry a conversation on with him...keep trying to get us a fix. we'll make a lit down (___)

Alterations made on the BACK of this typed transcript. THIS IS CLEARLY AN ALTERATION.

Final N.T.S.B. report (Page 5) reflects wording "written on back" of typed transcript.
16:46 on this NTSB paragraph relates to the other transcripts at 21:46 which is GMT time. 16:46, or 4:46pm CST is local time.

Clearly, "they" (and we don't know who) wanted to make the Captain look like he "made a mistake."

Even the CAM-1 statement is changed AGAIN from "keep trying to get a fix..." to "I'm hearing his conversation on this. He's trying to get us to admit (we're making) (we made the) (we made a) big mistake coming through here."

Clever play on words...

ALSO NOTE: NTSB Report states the Pilot asked for "seatbelts" and "no smoking" signs activated! The autopsies of Jo Carol Brand, Suzi Renz and Donald Crossland show "walking fractures." In other words, they were standing inside the cabin. Yet another contradiction of the NTSB "CVR" transcript.