Dispatch release from Dispatcher A.C. Watson

This clearly shows that "weather statement was attached."

In fact, in a letter dated 6 May 1968 to J.G. Sorlie about the activities on the 3rd of May, Watson was not worried about weather in the East Texas area. Dispatcher R.W. Hatch actually handled flight 352 (Hatch relieved Watson at 14:30 or 2:30pm CST)

This is the LAST document John Phillips (Captain) would ever sign.

This report states: "Human in FC (Forward Cargo) for TUL (Tulsa)

It makes no mention of any other "special" cargo, however it does cite the 10 containers in the weight calculations. (Weighs 1,050 Pounds...see "Winner Boats Cargo Air Bill" below). Also, 40 bags weighing 940 pounds, and one piece of mail weighing 1 pound.

The "10 containers" were to be offloaded in Dallas (or at least were ommited from the TUL weight calculations) leaving baggage and the 350 pound woman and coffin. (see airbills below for more detail)


Funeral Home Air Bill

1. George H. Lewis Funeral Home is listed in the 1967-68 Houston Phone Book as
George H. Lewis and Sons...but no reference to a funeral home.

2. Time dropped off is 15:00 hours or 3pm...the same time the same agent alledgedly
picked up the 10 containers from International Forwarding.

Dawson residents stated that it was a "Vietnam Soldier on his way home" in the same breath as mentioning it was actually a woman inside the coffin. A Hubbard man we interviewed in 1997 stated that the woman's "makeup was cracked." We think the "soldier" story was an inside statement about what might have been in the coffin. The airbill states "Mildred T. Wilkinson."

Alleged "Visa"?

Remember the woman in Hubbard, Texas heard "10 backfires" after the initial explosion.



1. The upper left signature box has no shipper signature. Plus no original shipper is listed...only the trans-shipper.

2. Air Cargo is rated by distance. The 10 cartons where going further (Nashville) than the coffin (Tulsa)...yet, the shipping price per 100 pounds is $5.50 CHEAPER than the Tulsa Air Bill.

3. Look at the Air Bill numbers on BOTH Air Bills. They are nowhere near being in sequence. An extremely odd occurance for the same shipper station on the same day.

4. The Tulsa Air Bill has "Total Charges" filled out (lower right), but the International Forwarding Air Bill DOES NOT. How do they know the total for tax purposes???

5. International Forwarding is being charged $6.83 for pickup, BUT it is being rebated by Braniff for $45.15 for storage and handling. Shouldn't the ORIGINAL shipper pay that???


It took an Airline Dispatcher to point all this out, but we now believe that the International Forwarding Air Bill must have been hurriedly generated in Dallas after the crash or somewhere else. Why???

If you accept the Air Bill is real then...

1. WHO IS International Forwarding? Well of course, you wouldn't expect us to put this
on the web without checking it out first. International Forwarding IS listed in the 67-68
Houston phone book on 6800 Kirkpatrick Street. This is in a poor section of Northeast
Houston in 1968 (today it would be development around George Bush Intercontinental).
BUT, in 1968 it was NOWHERE near a train depot, major airport (Houston Hobby) or
sea port. The closest port was The Port of Houston, but still this address is not located
near any form of major transportation. Very odd for a Cargo Forwarding Comany!!! The Houton Police Department verified this area has railroad tracks now and a trucking company exists at 6800 Kirkpatrick today.

2. WHO IS Winner Boats? Yes, it was a company in 1968 in Dickson, TN. In fact,
it was in business as "Winner and Cherokee Boats" on 203 N. Main until 1990.
But, why, if this is a Cash On Delivery Bill, is the full address not filled out?
Plus, why is over half of it already paid? C.O.D.'s are usually all or nothing at all.

The flight originated in Houston and ended in Memphis, TN.
And, there are NO instructions to forward the 10 containers to another flight in Dallas
or any other city! Another BN flight did leave Dallas for Nashville that night, but
would not have arrived until 12 midnight. Would a Boat Company pick up boat parts
on a Saturday morning in the early morning hours?

3. Call 615-446-2885 on arrival. Of course this is different in 2000, but in 1968
it doesn't match "Winner and Cherokee Boats" telephone number: 615-446-2049. So, "446" IS a Dickson, TN prefix but not one matchable to it's alleged destination. Dickson is a small town in the TN hills about 20 miles Northeast of Nashville.

4. Again the agent picks up the cargo at 15:00 hours or 3pm. How can he be at Hobby
AND be in Northeast Houston at the same time?

5. What is in the 10 Containers? Several Boat companies in Dickson and in the D/FW
area were asked what boat parts would be loaded in 10 seperate containers weighing
about 100 lbs each. Noone could fiqure out what it could be. PLUS, there is NO
mention of "boat parts" being found among the wreckage of flight 352 in Dawson.

Loadmaster Sheet with aircraft weight and balance

This sheet shows total weights including mail, cargo and passenger weight. These sheets are still used by airlines today. This is an ORIGINAL weight and balance sheet from 352