Radio Dispatch on Flight 154 May 3, 1968

Indicating Planned Course for N9709C Flight 154. (Does not include last-minute East deviation to J87)

Radio Message to N9709C

Indicating that B154 (Braniff 154) is deviating East of Course to (Jet Route 87) at 4:35pm

(ORIGINAL Braniff Flight Operations File)

Flight 154 Flight Data Recorder

Flight 154 left the gate at 4:15pm in Austin and took off at 4:21 pm. This printout starts at 14 minutes after takeoff, or 4:35pm.

The Red Electra pulls 1.5 gs as it deviates to the East from the Austin-Dallas Jet Route. At 4:36pm, N9709C drops from 13,000 feet MSL to 12,400 feet. Also a spike in the airspeed corresponds with this change in altitude.

At 4:37 pm (when we theorize N9707C exploded), N9709C has returned to 13,000 feet

N9709C arrived safely on the ground in Dallas at 5:07pm, and was at the gate at 5:09pm.

This FDR was attached to the FDR of N9707C we obtained from Washington, and clearly indicates that N9709C was over Dawson at the time of N9707C's explosion.

These are ORIGINAL Braniff documents we photocopied from "The Flight Operations" file

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