Robert D. Rudich, Chairman NTSB Air Traffic Control Group 1968 Report

Cover sheet from report stating that J.H. Alexander, and Braniff had received documents on June 3, 1968 from NTSB, and that Alexander was submitting comments about report.

Opening Page of report with participants. "History of Flight" already included the "180 degree turn" theory (which only one witness out of 47 interviewed saw). We know the plane never made a 180 degree turn.

Highlighted areas on page 4 indicate that weather "was from controllers memory." They prepare a weather map several hours after the crash. Next to the last paragraph doubts controllers ability to locate "targets" and other words, they had no idea what the weather was.

Last Page with Rudich's signature.


Alexander questions Controllers memory of weather, and objects to "precipitation echo."

These are ORIGINAL Braniff documents we photocopied from "The Flight Operations" file

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